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Originally Posted by shermansaelio View Post
I will NEVER do business again at GFAOS years ago when Browning just release the X-Bolt I wanted a new rifle me and a buddy was down at the gun range when finish I went up stair to inquire about the rifle to be exact it was a Browning X-Bolt Stainless Steal 7mm Rem Mag dont remember the guys name but he said "we have that rifle on the way should be here any time now if you put a deposit down it's your's" I decided to pay in full cash that same day he took all my info and said I'll call you ASAP when the rifle arrived weeks gone by have't received any calls few months go's by still no call so I called few a month later just to get an ETA guy over the phone said we one in stock on display would you like for me to hold it for you?...I said I paid for that rifle months ago you guys did't call me WTF he replied come down and proof to us you paid for the rifle so I did that same day here's where it get even worth after all this BS the day I went to pick up my rifle they said I needed to pay off the rifle before they can give it to me my reciept said paid in full still they refuse to give me the rifle and said the time when you purchase the rifle we did't have the bar code to scan the price...WTF is going on here so I told them I'll see you guys in court and started to walk out a manager come running after me and gave me my rifle and said he'll wave off the remaiming balance which was just over $100...

Beware People!
I'm sorry you got conned but the lack of punctuation gave me a headache....

on another note I just remembered I had very good dealings with Center Mass in Vacaville, Also I recently purchased a handgun online and used Fairfield Pawn as my FFL. Good DROS/transfer fee and easy and friendly service. Just something to keep in mind for the future.
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