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Originally Posted by KevinB View Post
This is why it is called propaganda. Put a tiny bit of truth out there and cover it with lies.

I have been a B of A customer for 35 years. I have been using my debit card since they have come out to buy ammo, guns, parts of guns, for years and years. I have bought a White Oak upper that I just took delivery in the past week and used my debit card.

Fact is, I think they are not telling the truth. I think they try to survive telling half truths or less, rumors, and fear mongering. So I personally know their example is BS.

Believing blanket statements like the above is in your own words, STUPID.
I used a BofA card 3x since may to purchase AR magazines, M14 magazines, and 7.62x51 bulk ammo delivered to my door. That is so much FUD it's silly.