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Originally Posted by Chaos47 View Post
Please do not post gps or directions publicly. If you want to send it in a PM that is up to you. Too many BLM spots have been ruined once they can be easily turned up by a google search.
X2 ^^^^ Please keep it to PM's if you think you trust a person to keep it clean.

I know people always say they clean up after themselves and I am sure most do..... but....

If you look at the clean up threads for Bee Canyon or the Perris area, each has less than 1,000 posts but one is just under 50,000 views and the other is just under 55,000 views....... do you think all the people that make up 100,000 views are interested in cleaning up???

2 different times we have filled roll off dumsters and the the last time it was 8 stake bed trucks full from near this area and it is bad again..... some people just don't get it.
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