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Originally Posted by FremontJames View Post
1% of the population causes 100% of the problems..

A lot of the auto thefts in my area are rings, but a lot are also just ''kids'' stealing cars for a joyride, they dump them *often in my lot* and they occasionally get towed away.

Im not sure what the 'processing' is for a stolen car recovered without a driver and undamaged, if any, but there sure is a lot of hot rides out there.
Yup, its the minority of the population that ruins (or tries to ruin) the lives of those around them. Processing depends on the agency and what exactly type of stolen car it is (or if it was possibly used in some other crime as many stolens are). A carjacked vehicle in which the victim was pistol whipped will be processed different than a Saturn which was stolen/dumped in perfect shape with no other suspect information. It's also amazing how many auto thefts are related to drugs, specifically meth. Sold for money for dope, traded for dope, loaned for dope, stolen to do a driveby over money owed for dope, stolen to rob someone for dope, stolen to rob someone's dope, chopped up and sold for dope, etc.
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