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Originally Posted by Ridin Dirty View Post
in scopes honestly you get what you pay for. spend low price $600 and you get low price result like buying a civic and expecting porsche speed, promise you spend double that or more you happy. im happy with leupold mk6 and vortex razor on my rifles but they costs but there is reason rarely negative mentioned and people recommend.
There's nothing wrong with a $600 or less optic as long as I'm happy with the value and feel like I'm getting more than what I paid for. That's how I feel about the Mark AR line. I use the 1.5-4x on my "service rifle," and have the 3-9x on two different bolt guns (.223 and .17hmr). A friend has the Steiner 1-4x $100 more than the Trijicon, but is a much better scope, more than $100 better. I would have initially purchased the Steiner had it been a mil-dot reticle as opposed to BDC.

Civic and Corolla are great cars for the money, you can get a Mazda 3 or Nissan Versa for about the same, but they suck compared to Toyota and Honda. It's not about comparing a Ferrari to a Civic, it's about the Accupower sucking in its field of direct competition.

At every price point there are winners and losers, at $600 the Accupower is a loser.
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