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Originally Posted by taperxz View Post
So you’re saying legal green card holders should in fact not be able to carry loaded and concealed via a CCW and the 2A doesn’t apply to them? Got ya.

Sniff could just as easily change his PERSONAL policy and make this go away. Balls in his court.

I will now send money to support this case ONLY because supposed pro 2A people believe these folks should have limited 2A rights.
This is now the second time you have attacked the straw man with me. Read my posts more carefully and you will see that I never said nor implied that. I have no problem with legal permanent residents obtaining CCWs. Instead, my problem is specific to the particular facts of this lawsuit, that the plaintiff did not bother to actually submit an application for a CCW. It cannot be reasonably disputed that the lawsuit would stand on much more solid footing had the application been submitted and subsequently denied.

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