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Originally Posted by teetsjones View Post
It wasn't the fact you were attempting to "correct" members about PERS, the problem was How you were correcting them,. Much the way you are "correcting" Doheny in this thread using insults...
Oh ,so there is a certain way to use the English language based solely on you now? There is a certain way to "correct them" and you're the authority? You dont like the way I responded because I am right and blasted Doheny for trolling. Just stop here dude, youre wrong.

I rather stay on topic like the rules say here. But since you brought it up, funny how you make an off topic post with no real evidence or facts, just make a hollow statement that must be right because you say it is. Thats what liberals also do about gun control- no real facts, just it must be true because I say it is. Thats exactly what orangeusa and Doheny do there and youre following the same behavior. Either stick to the topic, contribute or STFU.

Please stay on topic here and stop thread crapping and attacking me.

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