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Originally Posted by bk23103 View Post
Seems like a useful product for rare situations involving dust or smoke but it seems that this guy is somehow associated with the distribution or marketing of the product, if not the manufacturing itself. Sort of odd for the layperson to have marketing photos readily available to upload to the thread when no one asked for them.
So never again make any product or firearm recommendations here or its automatically assumed your associated with the company, right?

Sorry, but you are wrong. This was already answered in post #1, I do not work for or not associated with the company in anyway. Its just a good product Ive been using for the last 13 years or so. I'm a seasoned and respected fire service veteran who has been paying his dues since 1986. I'm no layperson and grabbed those pictures off of their Facebook page when some people here asked me more questions about the product.

Once in awhile, good people share good information to help others. I am also a former state Peace Officer, so dont do the typical cop assume attitude thing on me here, it wonk work. I also probably have more time in the field than you, so please be nice here and show some respect.

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