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Originally Posted by wattspd View Post
The IF's do matter and when it comes to a jury making a decision on the officer's / departments actions or reactions it matters greatly. I am almost certain that the same father that filed the b/o report is suing at this very moment.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that the situation worked out in the favor for the officers. I just don't think they used good tactics.

There is one rule in pursuits. If the suspect drives with no regard for his own life, you don't chase him. Use other methods of capture. When he ran that red light he clearly did not a give a for his own life.

Playing bumper cars in the grass with a 3/4 pickup is a not so bright idea. The truck has a clear advantage in that situation. The reason why the secondary officer exited his vehicle is because his plan failed in ramming the truck head on, then ran his car into the tree getting his car stuck with his back to the suspect.

Who approaches a suspect that they just used deadly force on with their gun at low ready while talking on the radio?

Who walks between the suspect's vehicle that was just a "ADW" tool and his patrol car without knowing the state of the suspect?

Who approaches the suspect vehicle with what looks like only two officers?

They didn't seem all that scared to me. They just looked like they didn't know to effectively handle the situation. They have to live with killing the suspect and think everyday if they could or should have done it differently.
Originally Posted by wattspd View Post
If the suspect was known and the only crime was vehicle theft not really sure why they pursued him.
Originally Posted by wattspd View Post

I think you should read the appropriate codes and educate yourself. After that go and talk to your city manager, Mayor, & Chief and ask what he thinks about your statement.

Many people have sued and have won or settled regarding pursuit traffic collisions where the suspect was party #1 and responsible for the primary collision factor.

If Leo's thought more like the lawyers that are going to cross examine them in court, situations like the above case study could be avoided and handled differently.
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I don't feel a thing when some cop gets ghosted.