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Originally Posted by wattspd View Post
If your not a LEO I could understand why you think I'm joking.

In my area at the moment that driver blew the red light the way he did the pursuit would have been over. A LEO's job is to arrest the bad guys but not at the expense of the public's safety. That driver showed no regard for his own safety or the safety of others.

Hypothetically if the driver were to crash into a car after he ran the red light the way he did, Who would be responsible? Officer/Deparment or the Criminal?

Not to mention that the only crime at this point was a stolen car / property crime. Is pursuing a criminal at high speeds on the public roads worth you getting your truck back that's more than likely going to be destroyed when the criminal crashes it?
I don't know about the state law of the agency involved but in the state of California the criminal is 100% responsible. The Department and Officers have complete civil immunity for any traffic collision caused by the suspect.