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Originally Posted by Firebolt1176 View Post
A while back I won an auction on an rifle on Gunbroker for a pretty decent price. Seller said in the auction to just "know your local laws." Following my winning of the auction, I let the seller know that prior to shipping here to CA, all he'd have to do differently as for any other state would be to remove the pistol grip from the rifle (which had no other "features"), but include it in the package. My thinking was that if you could spend 10 minutes packaging a rifle for shipping, you could spend 5 minutes with a screwdriver removing a grip.

Unfortunately, the seller refused to do this. When I pressed for why, he said that he had the know-how to do it (he built rifles), but just arbitrarily didn't want to alter the rifle to comply with CA laws. (I got the vibe that he was pissed at letting the rifle go for such a low price, and seized upon "don't want to ship to CA" as an excuse, but that's neither here nor there.)

I was willing to let it go at that, but a few weeks later the seller filed a non-paying bidder report against me. I disputed it, explained the situation, but Gunbroker ended up siding with the seller, issuing auction credit back toward the seller - and suspending my account.

This was definitely a case where "it is better to ask forgiveness than permission" backfired on me. In the future I'll definitely ask sellers prior to buying stuff like AKs/ARs, if they can spend the time to modify the rifle.

Anyway - Gunbroker said that I could request to have my account "reviewed" after 90 days. I've already sent them an email inquiring about this; I feel very ticked about losing my buying privileges there, as I've bought quite a number of items that are hard to find locally, off their site. I'd phone them to explain what was going on, but they unfortunately don't have any customer service phone number - only email, at which they seem to respond at glacial speed.

Has anyone else here gotten their Gunbroker account frozen, then unfrozen? If so, how long did it take, and what was your experience like?

Gunbroker's customer service is well known to be aloof and non-responsive, unless you are a high-volume seller. You may just have to wait it out.

They are definitely more seller-friendly than buyer friendly, because they have seen the full gamut of bad buyers and dead-beats, as well as buyers not knowing the laws to which they must adhere and you can bet that is mostly from Californians, New Yorkers, an other anti-gun states.

I've always thought of it from the beginning that it be best to clear any unorthodox request with any seller prior to bidding, no matter how seemingly simple.

Also, I think the seller claiming non-paying bidder was the only way for him to get his fee returned. You had a special circumstance that was not cleared prior to bidding, that put terms or conditions on him against his expectations.

So by disagreeing to those, you would still be a non-paying bidder, regardless.
Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
What compelling interest has any level of government in knowing what guns are owned by civilians? (Those owned by government should be inventoried and tracked, for exactly the same reasons computers and desks and chairs are tracked: responsible care of public property.)

If some level of government had that information, what would they do with it? How would having that info benefit public safety? How would it benefit law enforcement?
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