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Originally Posted by kcheung2 View Post
I guess I need to spell it out....If you want a better round, make it yourself.

And what the heck is "match grade" 9mm? If you mean something that meets power factor, then making it yourself would give you the best control over that.
yes, i need things to be spelled out for me. if i didn't i wouldn't need to post.
i have not started to reload yet. as i said b4, i'll need to take a class on reloading and then possibly move towards a super re-loader.

i said the only gun i know and shoot is an M1, so i need to know a Brand and name, and a weight. and a vendor with a link would be even better.

i'm sorry you seem to be frustrated by my question. i just know from my research that some guns don't like certain rounds of ammo. it's not bad ammo. it'd not a bad gun. it's just for some reason they just don't play nice together.

as far as match grade, it's parts and guns and modifications that are made for competitions (matches). there are national matches every year at different military bases. i think Camp-Perry is the most popular, but i've never been. i've seen parts kits for ARs that have match grade triggers, m1 with match grade Krieger barrels.....
so a match grade bullet would be any bullet that has a performance record of a spread/grouping for a particular distance. "Match" is just the best of the best.
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