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Originally Posted by FluorideInMyWater View Post
what if i wanted a better round? say for competition? i'm thinking of getting into the 3-Gun competitions. i've got a Stag-15L-3g-Elite, the P30L, and i still have to find a shotgun.......but for the P30L, what would you recommend.

yes, i'm a newb', except for M1-garands. that is the only rifle i really know intimately. I've got 10 Garands and 2 Carbines, but other than those, i plead complete ignorance.
You answered your own question:
Originally Posted by FluorideInMyWater View Post

thought about getting a dillion 1050xl but i think i should take a class in re-loading b4 i jump into that, even though al you have to do is crank away. even better would be the Mark7 autodrive system to hook up to it. i think it does 1200 rounds/hour for the evolution series.
And a P30 is not illegal, it is off roster. Two different things.
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