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Originally Posted by sigfan91 View Post
Well, at the risk of derailing this thread, let's look at what kind of stress exactly does the polymer frame have to take.

With my limited knowledge in guns, I know a Glock slide is riding on steel guides embedded into the polymer frame. The recoil spring is between a steel locking block(?) and the steel slide. The steel locking block/insert is somehow wedged against the polymer frame. That pressure can be designed to spread across a relative large area to decrease stress on the polymer frame. The polymer frame itself is relatively strong and more flexible than steel, which may be a good thing. The accuracy of a pistol is from the barrel and the slide fit. The frame can be bent and the pistol can still remain accurate.

I again ask for some numbers of Glock failures from material exhaustion. I want to know why other nations are so stupid in copying the Glock design and adopting Glocks for use in militaries and police use.

Personally, I'm not a fan of polymer guns. I have a Glock 19 but don't really enjoy it. I enjoy my P226 way more, and am much more accurate with it. I'm merely thinking in terms of a very large organizational purchase.
Combat weapons take a lot of external stress on their frames beyond simply firing rounds—including abrasion from running from cover to cover and crawling, hand-to-hand fighting blows from objects, bullet and ordnance hits, falls from ordnance percussion, fast rope falls, etc.. It needs to be there when I cannot use my long gun and my life will be in the balance when I grab it. I want it to work every time or at least be as reliable as possible. Plastic has no business being in the frame of a combat weapon. I'd have never carried one. Civilian CCW or police armament is a better story.
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Not wasting any more time and energy tilting, Don Quixote-like, on a regulatory problem that, constitutionally, should not even exist in a free state.
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