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Originally Posted by riderr View Post
According to your logic (more, but smaller), 22lr is the winner.
Not so . I qualified that with "an effective killer" which .22LR is certainly not but 9mm is. Ballistic tests put penetration and killing power of 9mm, 40, and 45 very, very close.

And, BTW, the perp in the FL incident you mentioned was using .357 magnum, not some sissy .45 ACP. So if you hold that up, I hear you really saying we need a .357 Sig pistol for the general service pistol (ballistically equivalent to a .357 magnum with 155 grain bullets).
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Not wasting any more time and energy tilting, Don Quixote-like, on a regulatory problem that, constitutionally, should not even exist in a free state.
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