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Originally Posted by racergirl76 View Post
Good advice about sending her out with a budget and let her pick. She needs to try - try - try them out. There is no substitute.

I can't recommend enough the NRA Women on Target shoot at Coon Creek in June, especially for novice shooters (or never shot a shotgun).

This clinic allowed me to come without a gun and try different stuff since they have some loaners. I was also trying to figure out what to buy, but had never shot a shotgun. The high instructor to student ratio let me have the instruction and confidence, the camaraderie of women was fun and comforting.

I learned that I hate the kick on the 870, which was on my short list (and 2 years later bought anyway for a home defense), and the $3-5k Benelli (personal gun of my instructor) didn't work for me. Normally you use the same gun all day, but by arrangement with the clinic director and my instructor, I was able to use a variety of shotguns. Trying so many guns in one day, I was able to rule in-or-out a few other guns and figure out what would be the key challenges and features in finding the right fit for me.

After several trips to multiple gun stores, I ended up with a Browning Silver because it was the right fit for ME, even though its more money than budgeted.

I'm not associated with the clinic in anyway, it's just a great womens event that gave me knowledge and confidence that I wouldn't have received at a local range day with friends.

I'm a firm believer that significant others shouldn't teach each other technical things if they value their relationship. The dynamics of teaching are changed, the lessons are tainted with personal subtexts, and the relationship risks unnecessary stress. Learning the core foundational principles from a trusted 3rd party allows the student to better focus only on the task at hand.
Wouldn't that be something!! I will look into that, because what better way to shop than to try before you buy RIGHT?! Thanks for the tip!! And I agree, we just got her a Mini Cooper in a manual (she's never driven stick) and I let her girl-friend teach her to drive stick. Now she's off and drivingwithout an issue and saved me a TON of stress, because I love to explain the technical aspects of driving stick over "you just do this" which she prefers...
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