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Default samsung dart freezes, possible bluetooth cause?

so i have a samsung dart sgh-t499. cheap (enough) for me as a starter smart phone. i noticed it keeps hanging on me a lot in the past few months. i sensed a pattern that it happens when i have bluetooth service on and it's connected to the car's charger. it's froyo so the OS is old.

is there anything else that can cause a freeze? basically when i press the button to bring up the screen, it takes forever for the bottom lights to light up (home, back button, etc) but the screen never does light up.

wondering what else i can do before i do a factory restart. again, it seems to happen when i have bluetooth service on and it's charging via the car's outlet. i also tried a different headset and it freezes there too. it's not when i'm talking but rather it's just on idle and when i arrive and bring it with me, the screen is all dark and requires me pulling the battery to rest.

i don't have a data plan. i'm on tmobile pre-pay. so nothing else is happening other than like a normal cell phone + bluetooth. i don't leave apps running in background (where task manager shows it) and i don't have many apps anyway. doesn't happen all the time. but maybe 1 out of 4 times i connect the power in the car and have bluetooth on. odd thing is i don't recall off the top of my head if it ever freezes when bluetooth is on but the phone is not being charged in the car.

it's only 1 year 4 months old. (bought brand new).
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