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Wow the speed and quantity of these replies. I love this community.

for a first gun, did you consider a 1911?
I've heard that they require significant tuning and gunsmithing to get right, and gunsmith visits are like dentist appointments to me.

I think either gun will serve you well. Try both, but I think that even if you just got the 75b without trying it, you'd love it. Be wary that the CZ's slide is very short (vertically speaking) and some people don't like that.
I don't think that would bother me. I learnt how to shoot on a Browning Buckmark and find most slides larger than I expected. Also, thanks a lot for the story; that's the kind of stuff I wouldn't know even if I do try the gun once.

I don't see that happening, but they have been popping up in stock more lately than they were 6-12 months ago.
This makes Mutenri sad.

It looks like if I want to get a CZ 75B or SP-01, which is my first choice for the moment, I am going to have to look online. Are there gun shops within two hours of Los Angeles that one would recommend for transfer? Or perhaps gun shops that I should scour for an in-store copy? I usually go to Bain & Davis and Turner's Pasadena; nice people, but their fees are exorbitant.
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