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Originally Posted by Mutenri View Post
Could you please link to that thread?

Also, thanks mod, for righting my stupidity.

EDIT: Nevermind. I found the thread. Now to pray that it stays in stock for three weeks and to find an FFL that won't take my mother and my dog for the transfer.
I don't see that happening, but they have been popping up in stock more lately than they were 6-12 months ago.

Watch too, seems like they've been getting them in semi-regularly.

The 75B is probably fine, but for a few bucks more I think the SP-01 is worth it if you can find one. Night sights, upswept beavertail...

The natural intuitive pointability of the SP-01 sometimes makes me wonder how well I could shoot blindfolded at a noisemaking target say 7 yards away.

It would be a fun experiment if it could be done safely. I'm pretty sure it'd probably be on paper and maybe inside a silouhette, and I'm pretty sure if I tried it with a Glock it would be in the ground 3 feet in front of the target.

(Simmer down Glock guys, I'm just talking about how Glock ergonomics naturally "point" for me personally)
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