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- CZ 75B: Before the Sprngfield 1911 target (9mm) model, this is the most accurate handgun I've ever shot. I started a thread just because of my experience after renting one a few years ago. HOWEVER, good luck finding one. I don't know of a store in the Bay Area that has one on the shelf, and CG members want a "rare" premium for it since CZ is behind on production. Maybe they're more common down south.
This one is on my future list to own... once the production reaches a normal level and the price drops.

- Beretta 92FS: Great gun. Cheap price with great accuracy and ergonomics on these too. Beretta has been making guns for hundreds of years, so they've been doing something right. I will own one of these one day also... but maybe an A1 model with the rail because I'm super cool.

- Browning Hi-Power: No experience, but my understanding is that they have a similar design to the 1911 and CZ. Both speak for themselves.

- Sig P226: I hate Sigs. I was recommended one over a Beretta and Glock a few years ago at the range. To me, it handled horribly so everything else was terrible for me. On the other hand, I loved shooting Glocks, Berettas, and other guns that were said to be "inferior" compared to the "almighty" Sig. I respect a weapon that serves many Federal agencies and many LEOs, but it's not for me.

Your best bet is renting each. Spending the $20-$50 to see if you like a gun is a lot better than the $500-$1000 mistake you make when you get somehting that you don't.
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You are going to sell it to the gun store?
Come ON. They will charge you for the KY jelly btw.
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I love French rifles most "Brand new only dropped once"
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