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Default Please weigh in on my choices before I purchase my first handgun

In about three weeks I'll be walking into doors of a gun shop and picking out my first handgun. I've shot for various pistols for three years and own several long guns, but never yet a pistol. I'm the kind of guy who does meticulous research about his hobbies and I've spent some time shopping around. I was hoping you guys could point me towards the right direction and answer a few questions I have.

I have narrowed my choices down to the CZ 75 B, Beretta 92FS, or on the off chance I find one in the right price zone, Browning Hi Power or SIG P226, based on the following criteria I made up:

1. 9mm. I've shot with major calibers from .22LR to .44 Magnum, and this is the one I like the most.
2. Full size. I'm not carrying this gun anytime soon, and the compact Glock I shot was slightly too small for my liking.
3. Metal frame. I know most everyone recommends a Glock for a first gun, but I like the feeling of steel in my hands far better.
4. ~$750 or less. I've saved up but I'm still poor.
5. Durable, reliable and easy to maintain. I like shooting guns, holding guns, but not cleaning guns or sending them to the gunsmith.

Which of the guns (or perhaps one that I've never thought of) should I choose? Where in Southern California (Los Angeles, but willing to travel) should I go to find a FFL with it in stock? The 92FS seems to be readily available, but I can't seem to find a CZ anywhere.
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