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Originally Posted by AregularGuy View Post
Hi. Do you have the model number for the set?


You may have done this already but have you checked for a firmware update for the set (see link below)?
Did that when I bought the TV, no new firmware released since ~2008 or 2009.

Which input are you using, DVI or HDMI, or DVI to HDMI?

Visiontek 4870 512MB has DVI output with a DVI-HDMI converter on it.

Does the screen still get cut off on the side when you change the zoom setting on the tv itself when not overscanning through the video card, i.e. Picture Format function on some phillips sets can do 14:9, 16:9, 4:3?

No, and it doesn't do it even with all computers. HDMI from the laptops, PS3 and Roku is all fine.

From a Philllips manual (random DLP set):

"Select Picture format & Press FORMAT button to display a list of available display formats (depending on the receiving signal). This lets you choose the display format of your preference.
Press this button repeatedly to select a picture format: Automatic, Super Zoom, 4:3, Movie expand 14:9, Movie expand 16:9, 16:9 subtitle and Wide screen.
Stop when you come to the format that you want. From now on the TV will
display its picture in the format that you have selected until you select another format.
Picture Formats
Automatic picture expanded to fill the screen.
Super zoom removes the black bars on the sides of pictures in
conventional (4:3) mode.
Movie expand 14:9 make subtitles visible with the cursor up/down.
Movie expand 16:9
Super zoom
Note: With HD sources not all screen formats will be available."

Doesn't matter. With HDMI input the only inputs are Automatic and Wide Screen, and they are the same thing.
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