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Originally Posted by Medics197 View Post
it's ati and you're still surprised it has issues? i used ati cards for years and was always been disappointed by their lack luster performance. now i use nvidia and will only use nvidia from now on. from what i've seen from googling a lot of people have the same issue you're talking about but no good fixes. i would imagine you have the latest software for it, might just have to wait til the next round of updates

I do have the latest software for it ... now. I got the 13.1 driver set this morning, but it looks like that very well may be the last driver update for this card.

This computer is really just about ready to get rebuilt anyway. It's a first-gen Phenom processor with Radeon HD 4870's. Last major upgrade to it was in 2008. I haven't really used it for much in the past few years, but needed it for something this morning. It's looking, however, like in spite of the screen-size differential, I need to just suck it up and use my i7 laptop instead of this dinosaur ... thought the 9850+ would have enough horsepower for what I needed, but it turns out I may have been wildly optimistic about that.
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