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I love to reload. Do I save money? Yea I guess I do. I look at loaded 9mm 250.00 for 1000 rounds bulk cci. Then I go to my regular shop in Covina CA. 9mm bullets 39 for 500. 2 boxes that, 78 dollars 1000 rounds. 33 for 1000 primers. Little over a hundred for 1000 rounds, need powder though. Hmm ww 231 8lb for 177.00 hmm, I'll get two of those, that should load about 30,000 rounds. Then I leave. Get home, toss it in locker, that already has a bunch of different powder from the days you couldn't find 231. Set my bullets next to the other 4000 rn I already have, that sit by the 4000precision delta 124 jhp Stack primers, hmm anyway have 10,000 small pistol primers, well here is 2000 more. Go online pick up another 1000 223 bullets. Look at the old rock chucker and remember how much I loved loading on that press. Well I'll hit the Dillon 650 and pump out 1000 9mm for the weekend. Friend calls, you load 45? Yup, just bring brass, powder and primers. Then sit him down at the rock chucker. K put one in pull the handle.
Go shooting, look at the guy next to me and ask, are you not saving that brass? He says nope, I ask so you mind if I pick it up? He says no problem. Ok, just got 200 once fired Winchester cases. See the guy next to him leave a couple hundred. Now I got 400 for 20 minutes labor. This that in the bucket with the other one fired 5,000 cases

So what's reloading done for me? Save money? Nope, but I sure shoot a lot and have plenty for the friend that bought a 50 round box and is done in 30 minutes taking his time. I look back at the years reloading, laughing when a friend ask, how much do you save? I don't know I'm a mental basket case, save? What is that? I know when I read about ammo shortage, to me it means, better only load 3 or 400 for the weekend. Lol

Wise reloaders, they think, they save. They shop, they are smart. I just get a bunch of stuff and shoot it. Design a new load try it out. I guess I'm having to much fun and can't stop long enough to do the math. Am I a genius? Well my German Shepard thinks so, she listens to me.
Reload guys, you'll love it.

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