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Originally Posted by Joe'Bronco View Post
First off, That spread on his back is NOT close range. Shoot a patterning board at 20ft and the spread is about the size of a softball. A modified choke at 20 yds is a 20" spread with #7.5...

Yes, everyone will agree that Birdshot is less lethal than buck/slugs at a distance. A shot to the chest with bird shot will not only stun the assailant but im sure it will temporarily stop him. If he is within 20 ft it will kill him. That will give you enough time to rack another load and fire again with your family on high alert. If the assailant is close it will most definitely punch a hole into them. Ever shoot a piece of plywood at close range with birdshot? Try it yourself and tell me if a person can live through that.

Again, if i had no one else in my home it would be 100% #1 Buck shot. But if you have a family to think about its going to be a bit different.
I would think that MOST HD shotguns 18"&20" barrels have a Cyl choke, not Mod.
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