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Originally Posted by SO.CALISHOOTER View Post
@vector16 why not consider a 40. If u spend 500 or more on a gun?? Wow I did not know that about glocks warranty but still they do run forever....@socal44 and @db42 is the SR line one of rugers top handgun at the moment?
First off, Alot of people that own Glocks think that they do not have to clean them after they go shoot them. Mine are perfect. I clean my guns completely every time I shoot them wether it be 1 round or 500 rounds. If you want you gun to work flawlessly the next time Clean IT. The manual says to clean it every 1000 rounds. Bull S$$$$. clean it every time and you will have a great gun for a long time. This means every gun you own, set a schedule wether you fire the gun or not, clean it every, say, 30 days and also clean it when you are done shooting it. There are a few people here that have seen my guns and they are surprised that they even have 1 round ever fired from them. I had 30K rounds from one of my Sigmas and it looked like it had never been fired at all, no barrel wear, breech wear etc, spotless everytime. The guy that bought one was very happy that he bought from me and not another that did not take as good care of their guns.

The reason why I will not spen real cash on a .40 is because the 40 cal round does not perform well. It does not have the distance of a 9mm and does not have the power of a .45. Really does not have the distance or the power of a .357. Th eSigma that I sold was a .40. Great gun, loved it. If I did not need the cash so damn bad ther would be no way in h3ll i would have sold it. Got the gun for under $400 OTD. The price on the 40 ammo is quite a bit more than the 9mm and is most cases is also more than the .45. The performance of the .40 cal pistols is left with some desire. If I can have one for under $500 than okay maybe. I would for sure buy another Sigma. I know exactly what needs to be done to make it a great gun. I can make the gun have a 4lb trigger and be smoother than any gun on the market.

If you get the Sigma which I do reccomend, shoot me a PM and we can arrange to get together and I'll hepl you out with the trigger and maybe stippling the grip. Below is my old one that I just sold.

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