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Originally Posted by db42 View Post
You picked the wrong Ruger my friend.
SR9 - just do it.

Reliable, sturdy, and (unlike a Glock) it ejects empty mags with extreme prejudice. They don't drop free, they shoot out.

Retails around $425 plus dros and tax.
A Glock retails around $560 plus dros and tax.

SR9 comes with an adjustable backstrap (something Glock will make you pay extra for - assuming you can get a GEN4 to begin with), better sight lines, and a much more ergonomic grip.

Note. the one pictured isn't mine (mine is the black version), but this is a good pic of it.
I agree. My SR9 is a great gun, never a hiccup.
What I find funny is getting a Glock is considered "going all out" You're paying too much attention to the interwebs son.
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