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I also avoid wrecked areas. There area few places that I will shoot that are out on BLM land. The good spots that we have are really tucked away, and most people just pull off before then. we will stopp and clean up along the way, and always do a good clean upon arrival and before leaving.

If an area is just too messed up, we will clean up a bit and then move on. I don't want to validate that sort of behavior by utilizing the same area that is still messed up. it does not help the cause.

Some of the **** that I have seen blows my mind though. The worst was the guys shooting across a dirst road at kerosene tanks. they wound up starting a fire and hauling *** out of the area messing up the front end on their truck on the way. wish we had the forsite to follow them or at least get a license plate number to turn over to the authorities.
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