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Originally Posted by Goesfaster View Post
This is a great thread, thanks for the info. I am new to ducks and have a few quick questions... I feel like I am in the right place to ask.
1. Los Banos 11/7 #18 As a newbie I am thinking a blind in zone 6 based on the numbers report. Any guidance on that choice would help.
2. North Freitas 11/14/18 #9 can a kayak work to get from the boat launch to the hunting area and if not, do you guys think someone with boat access would be willing to let me join them?
Thanks in advance
Can't answer either of them b/c I don't hunt those areas. However, don't just go off numbers alone. When you look at numbers think about how the weather was that shoot day. If it was a good north wind and today is no wind, then it may not shoot for anything. Also know the area via google earth. I once took blind #14 I believe at Sac with like ressie #27 as it shot good previously and this was a big south wind day. Guess what... #14 was a gravel mound in the middle of a big pond. It was blowing so hard nothing wanted to sit there b/c there was no cover. I should have taken #9 which is a stones throw from the parking lot and is a tule pot hole spot. My buddy did well there that day while I killed like 1 or 2 ducks. Live and learn.
Originally Posted by SoCalPI View Post
Giving lewdogg21 advice on hunting. Thatís like David Hogg giving advice to the NRA.
Originally Posted by jmonte35 View Post
Disagree. Been trying to teach lewdogg21 how to hunt. It's like trying to teach Steve Wonder how to see. Not sure we're ever going to get there.
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