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Atekhed, I will owe you a pm after work. I'd like to avoid hijacking this thread so I'll focus on the instructor.

For a basic rifle course the mini will perform fine. The lessons that stan taught are universal and you should have no major problems. I did have some issues that were strictly my fault but Stan was more than glad to work with me.

Lessons learned:

-bring your owned manual with you especially I you are not using an AR.
-learn how/what you need to do to zero your rifle and bring the tools you need. I did not know how and I wasted class time on figuring out how to adjust zeroing my rifle. Stan was more than glad to figure it out with me and we both know how to zero a mini now.
-my mini had a double feed due to operator ( my fault). I think I seated the bullets in a way the mini did not like (primer end of round not touching the rear interior side of mag) and caused a double feed. I also may not have seated the mag correctly. However, Stan taught us how to solve this type of mis feed early on the course and I got to use what I learned. He was very observant and saw I had trouble and ceased the exercise and coached me through the problem. I appreciated his patience and letting me exercise what I learned earlier in the course.
-Since my own operator induced double feeds continued, stan let me borrow his AR for the last few excercises, since he wanted us to get through all the excercises with the time we had left. This showed Stan's concern for his student's learning experience which is a key quality in an instructor.

Overall, Stan will work with you and your gear if you don't have an AR. I got the impression that he is really focused on his students learning experience. but for a basic rifle course you should be fine with the mini. If you live near Chino, CA I recommend Stan.
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