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Probably would look better if pic was normal size.

I know it's known as a pistol but I don't think it really fits in that category. IMO pistol is same as handgun and AK "pistol" is not a handgun.
It's more like a hybrid or a cross between, nonetheless it's still an AK.
My final modification on this Draco.
Using sling in opposite tension mode, it's surprisingly easy to keep the sight consistent on target, I'd say it's nearly the same (or easier/faster) as traditional stock..... but if your not used to or careful you will bump fire it. Practice fixes that problem.
For those who think these are not practical or whatever. I completely disagree and if you haven't fired at multiple targets with similar setup then you're simply flat out wrong.
This is probably the closest thing to PDW (from a traditional PDW standpoint view).
As for the mag lock (yes you zfields), it's like a Ferrari owned by someone who's never drives over the speed limit. It doesn't mean that the car isn't capable or never will..... Time, location & circumstance (yes, in that order).

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