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I have a question regarding BBs . They make a "wrench" for the BB, see here at Midway...

If set it up right with your BB, when it is screwed in all the way the mag is locked. If you begin to unscrew it you are starting to disassemble the gun and at a point you can push it in to release the mag. My thought is your using the wrench as a tool to release the mag at that point. You would then insert a new mag and lock it again. Even though you can put the mag in and take it back out you are using the wrench to do so. Technically, even though it is on the rifle it is still a tool. (When it is unscrewed the BB works as normal and what you do is screw the wrench in a little to release the mag. At this point it is the same where you can put the mag in and out but you are pushing on the wrench to do so.)

My question is, does leaving the wrench screwed in make the wrench an accessory? And if so, how would that be different from attaching the wrench with a steel wire or string to the rifle? Just a matter of perception?

Is this one of those things where I just shouldn't go their and don't leave the wrench screwed in? Or was it intended to work that way?

I believe this to be relevant to this thread because if it looks illegal to LE I could get arrested, or charged with possession of an AW if it is illegal.

And yes, I am new to ARs (but not guns). I'm working on my first build now. Just need the barrel, gas system and hand guard.