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Default More transporting questions

I have a couple newby questions: (1) I am going to pick up my first OLL for my first AR-15 on Saturday and will be driving across town with it. If I decide to ask the in-store gunsmith to assemble my LPK, And I have brought along my upper to have the smith make sure everything fits together well, do I need to have the lower in a locked case if the upper and lower are separated? I will be purchasing magazines at the store and have them in the car as well.
(2) What advice do you have for taking the completed BB equipped weapon as checked luggage (i.e. should I cut the foam in my pelican to accommodate a 10 round mag in the well, a 10/30, or no mag in the well for least hassle when declaring firearms and presenting to TSA? Or is it wiser to just leave the AR at home? I already have a Remington 870 and a Glock 19 that I take in this case when going to visit the folks in Montana, so I'll be taking firearms regardless. Once I have that foam cut, that's the way I'll be taking it to and from the range back here in CA, too.