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Mofoninja, thank you for your post. The Korean-Americans (and their children and grandchildren) I have met have always impressed me with the tremendous depth of their appreciation for the American sacrifices in the Korean War -- far more so than the average American. You seem to be no exception.

BigJ, the I believe the article you mention is now available online here:

There's also a writeup in the Monteville, New Jersey Township's website.

I don't see mention of the documentary BigJ noted, but will investigate further. Nevertheless, this is a very inspiring article.

ilikerugers -- indeed!

I should note that today, November 7th, 2012, the remains of a fallen Chosin Marine, Corporal Elmer Kidd, were finally returned to his home in New York. R.I.P.

The 80-year-old sister of Cpl. Elmer Kidd welcomed her brother's flag-draped casket at Hancock Airport in Syracuse on Tuesday.

Kidd was 26 when he died in the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea. His remains were among those in 208 boxes turned over to the U.S. by North Korea in 1993 but they were only recently identified through DNA tests.

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