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Thank God for your father and all the brave men and women like him Ruth, I hope that you have received many blessings from this thread

I believe that Gods timing is perfect and the way this worked itself out is absolutely amazing. this needs to be stickied some place other than just the curio and relics section. I cried like a blubbering idiot reading this thread. Mods, many more people on this site need to take this history in. Would you please move it to other forums for the whole community to read. If you are a man and this does not make you cry, I would say that you would have to give up your man card.

M. Sage's I have a dream speech;

Originally Posted by M. Sage View Post
I dream about the day that the average would-be rapist is afraid to approach a woman who's walking alone at night. I dream of the day when two punks talk each other out of sticking up a liquor store because it's too damn risky.
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