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Originally Posted by OCEquestrian View Post
I truly despise them and wish great bodily injury on all involved with fake charities. Those people prey on veterans and law abiding people who have a lot of respect and thanks to our military and LEO's. My 87 yo father just passed in February and I am still trying to deal with all the mail and calls to the house from all the scams he fell for and sent money he shouldn't have, thinking he was doing a good thing.

In my opinion, GOA almost falls under this same category.. they take in a lot of money and don't spend it in the actual fight, instead they just make their megaphone bigger.. promoting activities that are ineffective but good for a sound bite.
I get promotion to a certain extent. But I would love to see thier 990 or whatever form they file to see how the donations break down.

We are in total agreement on the fake charities. Gets my blood boiling.
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