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Originally Posted by General Kronstadt View Post
I hate those calls, too btw. I always answer the same "the last I heard police have strong unions who help ensure they get great benefits, retirement, disability and much more, mostly on my tax dollars, so no, you cannot 'put me down' for a donation!"
I truly despise them and wish great bodily injury on all involved with fake charities. Those people prey on veterans and law abiding people who have a lot of respect and thanks to our military and LEO's. My 87 yo father just passed in February and I am still trying to deal with all the mail and calls to the house from all the scams he fell for and sent money he shouldn't have, thinking he was doing a good thing.

In my opinion, GOA almost falls under this same category.. they take in a lot of money and don't spend it in the actual fight, instead they just make their megaphone bigger.. promoting activities that are ineffective but good for a sound bite.
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