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Food for thought. I sent my both my SxS at separate times to Mike Orlen in Massachusetts and used the ShotgunWorld member 20% discount. You can find his pricing sheet at I am very satisfied with the work he did and he is pretty fast as well. I was going to send to Bob Day at Americhoke but money was tight. At the time price was my issue and I had go with Mike Orlen. You put a check or money order in the box with the barrel as he has instructed for decades and off it goes. Prices for Mike Orlen are as follows.

Two barrels each reamed and threaded for thinwall chokes. 2 x $65 = $130
Five flush Truiock thinwall SD type chokes. 5 x $30 = $150
Subtotal $280
Less 20% member discount - $56 = $224
Plus $20 return shipping (bargain) +$20 = $244

So my total cost for service to Mike Orlen with return shipping included for 2 barrels and 5 chokes = $244

By comparison Briley for the same work but better chokes would be $499 not including the any shipping charges they calculate when work is done for final cost. You pay when work is ready to ship back and usually by card. I remember Briley charged over #30 to $40 for my single barrel and 3 chokes. That would bring charges up to over $530.

Bob day at Americhoke for same work is $230 for barrels labor and $135 for 5 thinwall Trulock chokes. That is $365 before return shipping is calculated in. I admit I was going to hand deliver but the gas and time would have hit me hard as well. With shipping to Frisco that would be some $20 to $30 and total almost $400.

Then second SxS I could share chokes with my first SxS and I get them for about $20 each from Planet Optics. Realistically Bob Day is better in that regard as I did have issues with some chokes from mail order and you could try them as you buy them from Bob.

Take all this with a grain of salt. YMMV. My guns are all used and greatly depreciated but if I get a collectable the barrel work would go to Bob Day as I would hand carry to him.
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