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Originally Posted by General Kronstadt View Post
Now, though we're agreeing to disagree on that outlook, to get back on thread topic; I find groups like LGC or Armed Equality to be doing great work and I'd lump them with the GOA or NRA any day. They are pushing for gun rights, especially to the ignorant. I dont even think both groups are Democrats entirely either. Even if they were, theyd still be good pro-2A and pro-gun orgs worth lauding in some ways.

With that said, stop making me defend liberals. It's making me sick.
Im not a fan of GOA. Every time they claim to have a major legal victory, its for simply filing an amicus brief in ligation paid for and managed by NRA/CRPA or SAF. Other than that they are pretty much useless to the RTKBA and their outspoken extreme positions give ammunition to our opponents.
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