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Originally Posted by joefrank64k View Post
Is anyone else having trouble with their order?

Got the call, asked for a SG, gave them my payment info, done deal.

Get an email a day later: “You failed to provide your FFL info. You have 5 days to comply” WTF?!? Had my FFL re-email their info.

Get another email last week: “You don’t have proof of marksmanship. You have 5 days to comply” WTF?!? I immediately scanned and emailed PoM.

Get another email today: “There appears to have been a miscommunication. You sent an 03. We have to ship to an 01/02/07. You have 5 days to comply.” WTF?!?

My FFL has processed a bunch of these 1911’s for other customers. They know the CMP drill. They’ve sent their FFL three times for my order now.

I know I sent everything (including PoM) the first time through, and they verified all my info when they called for payment.

I’ve never had this kind of experience with the CMP. I know the 1911 side is separate from the Garand side, but damn this is frustrating haha!!
I got the call on June 28 and am still waiting for my CC to be charged. I get that we just had a holiday weekend but this seems to be taking longer than usual after observing the CMP 1911 Order thread. I called them yesterday morning and ended up leaving a message. Still no call back.
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