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S30V is one of my favorite steels. I keep my knives as sharp as possible. At a minimum, shaving sharp. In my experience, S30V is easiest to work with if you never let it get too dull. I touch up on a ceramic rod often, and when needed, use a Smith's 8" tri-hone, although, I never use the Arkansas stone side. Course Diamond, Fine Diamond, then on to the ceramic rod. Most of my knives I only sharpen maybe once a year on the stones, the rest is just regular touch up on the rod. I did two elk this last season with the same two knives (S30V), and they still don't need to be sharpened after a little touch up on the rod. My EDC knife is also S30V, I use it several times a day, every day, and touch it up once a week on the rod. Its always shaving sharp. Two weeks ago, I put a small nick in the edge after abusing it working on a wiring project, and a few passes on the stones, finish on the rod, and back in the game like new.
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