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Had a good one to share with this: so pondering this one, I called Benchmade today (yeah, I know about Benchmade of late...) to ask if I can speak to a blade smith. Only customer service will speak to me. I explain I have a 417 with S30V, that I decently know my way around the stones, etc., and inquire about their recommended method of working such steel.

Them: "Generally we recommend diamond stones."
Me: "Um, okay... makes enough sense... how coarse?"
Them: "Diamond."
Me: "Um... hmmm, so like, 400? 800? 1000?"
Them: "Yeah, diamond."
Me: "Okay well let me try this like this, say you're working both a 154CM and a S90V blades, would the 154CM stone be finer?"
Them: "No..., S30V and 154CM basically have the same methods."
Me: "lol, wut... okay, well thank you for your time."

I wanted to ask like :yeah, okay cool, is there a fat guy in an apron I can talk to? Probably has a few pencils in the apron? Probably a beard? And like, a name that ends in 'y' or otherwise prefers people address him as 'mister _____?'

The rep also recommended this:
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