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Originally Posted by sdsu619 View Post
1811's go to GS-13 (100k +/- 5k depending on locaility), plus an additional 25% Auto OT.

Roughly 125k with general weekends and holidays off.

DEA has this weird rule where you have to submit a "love me packet" for you 13. Not necessarily a promotion but its an extra hoop. Other agencies dont have this requirement.

That being said, I should have stayed local or state. Federal LE can be a joke at times.

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I was referring more to what an entry-level person or someone with a few years on the job would earn.

I haven't looked at lifetime earnings, pension or anything else like that. And as mentioned there may be other reasons to go Fed such as work environment. But I believe in an expensive market like San Francisco, starting salary is something to consider.

We have a few Fed LE's who are Reserves in our department. I believe they joined so that they could perform a wider variety of law enforcement duties. Their Fed assignments are..very specific.
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