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A little late to the game here, but congrats to you and your decision as well as having your family's support. Good luck to you.

As others have mentioned, the program varies by agency. Some agencies pay, others are volunteer only. CA POST specifies which Module qualifies you to perform what functions. It is up to the agency whether or not the level gets to perform those functions. You want to be at least Level II as many agencies aren't even considering Level III, but it seems that you've already acknowledged that.

Module III is very basic, VERY basic and literally teaches you how to drive, park, maneuver, tie your shoes, and shoot from square one. Lifetime fitness doesn't even kick in to Module I. I think it's basically PC832 with additional hours and I don't recall shotguns being used until Module II, but I could be wrong. Night time and combat shooting for sure are not until Module II. You'll also get the rest of LD35 in Module II; the chemical agents portion so enjoy yourself once you get there!

Level II is usually arrestee transport, traffic routing, etc... something that doesn't necessarily put you in direct danger. For the most part, you are supposed to roll with a Level I or a Full-timer to supervise you.

Who knows, eventually you might want to complete Module I. Many agencies are now putting Level I's through field training. Once they've completed, they may roll solo as "designated" Level I's since you will essentially have full-time peace officer abilities, however I am unsure if you will receive your POST Basic Cert this way. Maybe another member can confirm this. This option also gives you the ability to go full-time if the position is offered to you since FT was already completed. The benefit to this route is if you fail FT, you keep your reserve role and try again later instead of getting canned.

There definitely are RO's here on CGN. They're just a bit more "reserved" and don't post often. See what I did there? Good luck to you again.

Note for the veteran officers out there, as of 2017, POST has adopted the consolidated testing parameter similar to how colleges function. There will no longer be a test for individual LD's, but a consolidated mid-term exam along with the end of course exam and practical skill tests. Testing will be electronic via laptops and submitted immediately to POST for grading upon completion by each individual recruit. They've also added more mandated hours to specific LD's.

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