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Even more good stuff!

Thanks all! I started Module III and the class is full of people with Law Enforcement experience. Taking the shut up, listen and learn approach as many have way more experience than me.

Spoke with my wife and kids. They are on board. Wife is very supportive of this decision and kids think its cool that I am doing this even if daddy is away for the 15-20 hours a month additional.

Lots of the POST instructors stories start of pretty close to home for me. same age range and even situation family wise.

Spoke with the officer overlooking the reserves in my city and gave me a run down of what to do for that particular precinct. Would have to complete level 2. Once I am completed and knock on wood pass module 3, I then schedule a ride along and when I start module 2 is when I simultaneously turn in my volunteer paperwork to the city for the reserve role.
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