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I'm a Level 1D reserve for the sheriff department. Level III is bare minimum and it is HIGHLY recommended to get at least level II. Even search and rescue members are being required to have at least level II training. You will not able to do much with level 3, maybe assist the jailers/traffic detail. As for training, it took me almost a year to complete all three levels. Some people stop at level 2 then go back to get level 1 after spending some time in the field. For myself, I pushed on to level 3/2/1 consecutively for a whole year going 3-4 times a week. It was pretty grueling because it seemed like I was studying everyday, then you have to balance your work schedule and lastly lots of stress on your family life. My wife was mom, dad, handyman, and nanny so i could focus on my academy. The road will be tough, but it is so worth it in the end. As a level 1D you have 24hrs peace powers just like FT deputies/officers. The best part, with a level 1 certificate you could lateral over to FT with almost any agency.

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