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Bought thinking they had the normal industry policy of honoring price matching of their own product since they do not say they have this non-retail industry practice of not honoring their own sale prices ,,,,,,and having the most rudest of nasty response from their CS agent calling me worst than here was not in my frame of mid because I was in a happy mood when purchasing.

A company that constantly rotates items on sale would have higher costs associated with minimal purchases of only single items when on sale and single item sales constantly but that is what I recommend if you purchase from this company. Give them the death by a thousand cuts of single item purchases of single items only on when on sale.

I have never had a brick and mortar store or Internet store not refund the difference when it goes on sale in 5 days.

I purchased knowing that every business I have ever dealt with would honor their sale price within 5 days or here within the 30 day return policy.

...or so I thought till I received the nastiest and most rudest customer service reply saying I should have monitored their website and purchased when it went on sale because that's what more astute customers do. A company trying to make profit would go with economy of scale and want large single volume purchases instead to increase profit and reduce overhead so excuse me for thinking they read Adam Smith instead of going to Harvard and Yale where they teach how to grab the customer by his ankles and turn him upside and then to shake vigorously till all the money fall out.

Instead I had a lazy customer service agent who then proceeded to lecture me with a long reply.

So now I will not purchase AERO product anymore because that's apparently what they want. $40 now for them is more important than long term steady profit......and I really could have done without the lecture about being a better consumer of their product.

Their choice, not mine, but I will accept no more AERO purchases for me.

I don't know where AERO does their customer service but I received better customer service from Bangladesh and Vietnam. Here it seems its one of those millennials that wanted to get back to playing on hit toy phone, and he was annoyed I was stopping him from playing on his toy phone,, than providing value added to the company paying his salary.

.....and so goes back my order because it is not about the money but about a satisfying user-customer experience, not having rude and nasty CS reps, and a company that has their product on sale half the time but no where says on their website that they are the exact opposite of what every company that I give my business to is honoring their own sale price within their return policy window.

GO PSA for their low prices and matching their sale price when you ask them ...GO DPMS for their great responsive customer service.

AERO apparently hires the chronically unemployed millennial age brother's of the owners wife to keep the wife happy for their customer service agents and they get some kind of Napoleon complex on how to communicate to their customers.

I get why the owner would do that because a happy wife is a happy life and a happy wife is more important than a profitable business but none the less....

Making 100 negative reviews is not the difficult is trying to keep up with 100 threads will be a challenge but I am up for such.....bring it on....

95 more reviews to go.....

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