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Originally Posted by phdo View Post
Anyone from Santa Clara county know of a LEA where I can get my fingerprints done? Also, I've read the application instruction about three times now. Nowhere does it say that I need to get the application notarized. Where are you guys getting that information?
call the sheriff, they will do it without much trouble, no need to tell them what it is for. they are used to doing it for day care/security guards/etc.

they did away with the notarization requirement a year or so ago.

i applied for florida on 2/14/2017, received it 4/10/2017, so just short of 2 months. Not bad at all.

We also live in Santa Clara County, and will never get a ccw here unless the feds pass something. My town chief told me the last permit issued here was more than 3 years ago. I dont think the county is much better.

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