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Originally Posted by Cokebottle View Post
San Bernardino CCW class is barely "training"
The instructor said right up front... My job is not to teach you how to shoot and handle a gun safely. My job is to verify that you can, and to make sure that you are aware of the laws regarding CCW.

Yes, I feel that training is an absolute requirement for someone who is going to carry a handgun in public... but if specific "training" becomes a requirement for carrying, we run the risk of getting into a situation similar to the literacy tests at the polls when Black people were granted the right to vote.... the right can be denied simply because a different standard is applied to a different class of people (the situation in many counties in CA), or the right can be denied to all by simply elevating the requirements beyond a level attainable by a reasonable person.

Training is something that the CCW holder should seek out before, and continue to train after they begin carrying.
Uh... okay.

Don't know why you quoted me in there, but good for you for stating your personal preferences on the training issue.
I meant, it is my opinion that...

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