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Just come to the realization that you cant really find a good for all powder when it comes to bigger bore rifle rounds. Just as win 231 is good for a ton of pistol ammo there is still nuance for magnum power and the like, as I learned reloading my .357 mag.

The brain trust here is speaking truth, go with it. 748 I use for .223 and .308 plinking rounds. AA1680 for my 7.62 x .39. As you get to more precision recipies the powders change. H4150 for my 6.5 creed. IMR 4064 for .308. And even my choices would get push back on how I should be using them. It will be trial and error to find the correct recipie for whatever you decide ultimately.

Also stick to brass cases and copper jacketed ammo unless you live in a state that allows steel core.
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